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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

About My Comics Collection

My first comic collection started when I was 19 years old. I visit Popular Bookshop in Singapore quite often to look for books, stationary and CDs/VCDs/DVDs. One day, when I was looking for books at the Jurong Point Popular Bookshop, I saw the comic titled Georgie (or 小雪儿) by author Yumiko Igarashi. Without consideration, I bought the comic immediately as it was left with one set. This comic is familiar with me as I watched it once on the Singapore television program when I was a kid.

The main reason why I like Yumiko Igarashi's work is her drawing. The main lady character was always the most beautiful one. I like the way Yumiko Igarashi draws them. Most of her comic was during the olden days when most people are still living in the village. The life in the village was so peaceful, relaxing and happier; not like our modern world. When you read her comics, you will feel very happy as though you are living in their world! My friends and colleagues always say I'm living in the comic's world as my thinking is so naive.

Inside Yumiko Igarashi's comic, you will see a list of all the comic titles written by her. I then go around searching for all her other works. After I had collected almost all of Yumiko Igarashi's comics and couldn't find any, I started looking another author who has the similar drawing as her. The next author I found was the comic titled Angel on the field (or 荒野天使 or Miriam) by author Kyoko Hikawa. The main lady character was very cute when she is a girl and petty when she grows up. This lady character was also staying in the village!

In the process of collecting Kyoko Hikawa's comic, I found a comic titled 森林小天使 by author Mariko Okumura. The main lady character was very cute and she was also staying in the village! This is the only comic I can find for this author and there is no information about her in the internet too. Please let me know if you found others of Mariko Okumura’s comics.

The next comic I found was titled My Neighbour Totoro (or 龙猫 or Tonari no Totoro) by Hayao Miyazaki. Hayao Miyazaki’s work is difference from the other three authors who I mentioned above. Yumiko Igarashi, Kyoko Hikawa and Mariko Okumura’s comics are more for ladies and Hayao Miyazaki’s comics are for anybody! His comics are all colored not like others comics which are in black and white and it cost more. As I am still a student at that time, I only afford to buy one set of his comic which is My Neighbour Totoro and the rest of his work, I buy VCDs and DVDs.

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